Make Your Own Nut Milks and Save Packaging

Andrea Lewis - Tuesday, October 18, 2022

For years I've bought cartons and bottles of various nut and seed milks at the store, but commercial vegan milks add gums, oils and emulsifiers with questionable health effects. Recently I've made my own nut milks, in order to have control of the ingredients and to be able to create milks with a combination of nuts, because combinations of various nuts often taste better than a single type of nut. I also love not having any cartons to throw out.

nut milks

The general rule for making nut milks is you combine one part solid ingredients to four parts water. If I can, I soak the nuts overnight beforehand. If I forget to do that, the milk still turns out well. Normally I combine a half cup of nuts with two cups of water and use the blender on high for about a minute. Then I strain the mixture through a fine metal screen or nut bag and add glycerin vanilla extract to taste. The remaining pulp is also delicious in itself. I eat it with a bit of maple syrup.

Have fun experimenting with various combinations. I like almond, walnut, hemp and coconut milk for the taste and for the omega 3 fatty acids.

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