Ditch the Dryer

An ode to natural drying of laundry

Andrea Lewis - Saturday, June 17, 2023


Ditch the dryer and give a clothes rack a chance,
A simple solution to make your laundry dance.
Save energy and money, and cut your carbon footprint,
And watch your clothes sway in the gentle breeze's hint.

Each garment finds solace in nature's embrace,
As the sun's radiant warmth dries them with grace.
No harsh tumbling, no intense heat, just gentle care,
Clothes that last longer, with less wear and tear.

With each piece hung up with purpose and love,
A moment of meditation, a calm from above,
A mindful act of kindness to your clothes and the earth,
As laundry becomes a chance to renew your worth.

So try a clothes rack and embrace the ancient chore,
Find a rhythm and a joy never felt before,
Where simplicity and sustainability meet,
And laundry becomes a moment of grace, oh so sweet.

# # #

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